Saturday, 14 January 2017

Trip To Tauranga

3 weeks ago my Family and I drove to Papamoa, which is the largest suburb in Tauranga and we went there so we could celebrate Christmas there. So when it was Christmas day my cousins woke up and straight ran under the Christmas tree with there excited faces. Our parents were laughing because my cousins were so aggressive opening their presents. We also stayed there for New Year's and for New Years we went to a nice Chinese Restaurant called Kwang Chow at Mount Maunganui and they had very delicious food. When we got home we finished our New Years with a movie called Moana. Then we were all fast asleep.

Image of Tauranga
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Image of Kwang Chow


stephen hurricanes week 2 said...

I like you trip to Tauranga and the photos u took

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