Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Jo Turner Session

Today Jo Turner came to our class and taught us a new word which was Neuroplasticity and the meaning. She taught us that neurons is connected to your brain and it signals what to do around your body. After she taught us we did a activity, we had to make neurons out of play dough and it was really fun because I haven’t played with play dough in a while.

Friday, 27 October 2017

How to be a good role model

A role model has leadership, Respectful, Kind and helpful. They care for each others. They listen to what good people say.  A role model shows leadership,  it someone that people look upto and people that follows them.  It has sense in humor, that can control other people and that can control  body language. That finishes their work on time. That they can look after people anger then them. They have good sportsmanship. That listen carefully. That can help people, Student learn. That can look after young people, That take care of their parent.
They make good choices, they look after the environment, property and others. That picks up rubbish when they see it lying on the floor.  They help their parent clean the house, they take care of there siblings. They focus on school to get a good life. To make good friends. To turn bad friends to good friends. They don't tag on the walls, books, netbook and other property. They follow good people and follow the right steps. They join in every class activity,  they join in other class group discussion. It Respects self and other. It humble, and honest. It grateful.

Thinking skills, A role model should knowledge and good thinking skills, when they see bad things happen they go and tell the teacher. They use the school rules, or the class rules. They finish their work on time, and they use there brain properly, and they use their WITS, means walk away, Ignore, Tell The Teacher, and seek it out. So who ever is reading this use WITS when you get bullied or getting butdownd.

Leadership, If you're a role model you need to be a leader so people can see you as a role model. You would have to have sense of humour and be able to help teacher in need when their is a fight. And take you role seriously and your behaviour.

Respectful,  If you're a role model you need to be respectful find and help, it means u need to respect other, be kind, and talk nicely to other people, it means to look after one another and love one another. You should have humbleness and kindness, you need to be grateful and caring. You make good friends and turn bad friends to good friends.

Behavior, A role model should have a good attitude and behavior because the little ones will look upto you and you might not know they might start acting up and being naughty because you weren’t being a good role model. Also be humble,honest person and a role model should always active listening to the speaker and tell your classmates to be quiet so they know what to do or else tell the teacher.

Sportsmanship, one of the things to be a role model to sportsmanship, you need participate in a lot of sport activity. Have fair play on and off field and you need to be sporty and need to be fit, you have to do heaps of fitness. Always shake hands after you play a game.

Red - Inoke
Purple - Fineasi

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Place names in Te Reo

Te Reo
Tāmaki Makaurau
Waitohi or
Te Punga o Te Waka a Maui
Stewart Island

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Niva Retimanu

Today Niva Retimanu came to our school and talked about her career. She works at the radio industry for 30 years and a samoan journalist and she was our Duffy Role Model. She also lived at Invercargill  in the south island and raised from Samoan parents.

After she introduced herself she read us a story called Kiss Kiss Yuck Yuck. The story was about a young named Andy and he was annoyed because every time a girl sees him she always kisses him. Everytime she kisses him he says ‘Yuck Yuck’.

Then Finally, Niva helped us present some duffy books to students in each class. We ended the duffy assembly by singing the duffy song and she left feeling happy and we really enjoyed getting to know her.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bush Craft
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On Wednesday the 23rd of August Glenbrae school 2017 year 7&8 had camp at Russell. My group which was group 1 did Bush craft with Michael because it was part of our activities for our year 7&8 camp near the campsite.

First thing I saw was a lot of ropes,bamboo sticks,tarpaulin, and pegs top teach us how to set up a tent. Michael taught us how to tightly tie up a knot then told us to listen carefully because we had to do it after him on a tree. So we picked our partners and chose a tree and tried a knot and we got it right on our 1st go. We both were proud that we got it so we continued to repeat it so it could be stuck in our head.

Next, Michael showed us how to tie a knot to a tree or bamboo for an example. So we had to repeat with our partners but we got a simple little mistake that made us get it wrong. But we tried again and we got the little mistake away and got it correct. So we did the same as the knot on the tree we started repeating it over and over again till it was stuck in out head.

Then Finally, he showed us how to set up a tent for the night that we’re going to sleep outside. So after about 30 minutes we setted up the tent and the good thing was we used all the knots that Michael showed us how to tighten stuff so the tent wouldn’t fall down.