Thursday, 21 June 2018

My First Exam Experience

My First Exam Experience

This week has been nervous for me because it’s exam week.

How did I feel?
I felt nerves and while I getting in the middle of the test I felt confident.

What tips did I use?
I used no tips, the work we did was stuck in my head because what we were learning about was interesting.

How did I feel when I finished?
I felt happy about what I’ve done.

What did I do when I went home?
I got home and told my mum about my exam and I felt proud of myself, than I when and watch youtube.

What did I show during the exam?
I showed respect because I didn’t bother anyone and I stayed because so I could get a good report even in class I tried my best to behave and listen.

What did I do before the exam?
I stayed focused and I prayed before coming to school for the exams.

In my next exam, I would try to do better and study before getting tested.

Friday, 25 May 2018

How I use mrs Gren

Movement- I can move 1 place to another with my legs
Respire-I have respire because I can breathe
Senses- I have senses beacuse I can Move,Hear,smell and talk.

Grow- Every human can grow so i can too
Reproductions- I can't make babies but women can
Excretion-i have it because i have organs inside my body
Nutrition-I eat so I can stay alive

Monday, 21 May 2018

Explain what I've learnt about how all living things do Mrs Gren

Movement-Every every living thing can move
Respiration- every living things turn food into energy
Sensitivity-Everything notices changes in the environment around them

Growth-some living things can grow like flowers and more
Reproduction- living things can make babies like animals and humans
Excretion-Living things have babies in different ways like wolfs have cubs and chickens lay eggs
Nutrition-Living things need to eat to live and grow

Every living thing can do these stuff and some living thing can't do these stuff

Friday, 6 April 2018


Today we shot our rockets that we made yesterday at Graphics.How it works was it
was on the ground which is chemical potential and it was too hot so it blew out and when it's
in the air, it’s called gravitational potential and it's too light it comes down and its called
movement/kinetic energy.

Friday, 23 March 2018

WALT:write an interesting and informative story about experiencing a fake Auckland eruption

I was cooking some food and all of a sudden I heard a loud bang outside near mission bay and saw smoke in the air.Then I saw smoke coming out of the water and it started to bubble up and it finally exploded with a loud bang! and saw black smoke and white ash.It wen bigger and bigger and the Pyroclastic surge started coming towards my house.

At the time I was scared but I also knew from going to year nine science what caused the new Auckland volcano. And that is when it comes out of the hotspot and the thermal plumes melts the crust and it starts to rumble and blow up. 1 hour later everything is covered in ash and the lava was coming out of the volcano slowly.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Made In Taiwan

2 men born in New Zealand went on a interesting journey to Cook Island,Samoa and Vanuatu to find out where their ancestors came from. After they finished with New Zealand,they went to Cook island and saw the special stature and Nathan also helped out by cleaning the weeds and actually that shows that its special to Nathan.They are finished with Cook Island and now they are at samoa and  they went to samoa to visit oscars mother and grandmother to ask questions about where samoa came from.After that they went to Vanuatu and they discovered that the 1st people at Vanuatu were the lapita people.They also ate rat .Then finally the last country they visited was Taiwan and they visited a history museum and saw different kinds of things that was in Taiwan. They also greet people with a hongi like what we do in New Zealand.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Earthquake in Papa New Guinea

WALT:  Describe a recent earthquake, its cause and effects

2 days ago there was a serious earthquake in Papa New Guinea and the earthquake was 7.5 and that's really big. The earthquake was caused by the tectonic plates movement and some countries are sending are sending rescue team to support the natural disaster that happened  recently. Also at least 14 died from the landslides.We did a activity we spread nutella as crust on bread and jam as mantel and the bread was cut in half as how the tectonic's plates move.   
Inline images 3
Plate crumpling
Inline images 2
Transform boundary
Inline images 4
Divergent Boundary